Supporting Hackney Food Bank


Supporting Hackney Food Bank


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We’d like to reach out to all Onions and ask for you to still get involved if you can despite all of our games being called off for the season.The plan was to collect money for the Hackney Food Bank during our 30th Anniversary Dinner at The Marshes on April 4 – and now it’s more important than ever we contribute what we’re able to.

The organisation provides food and general household items for those in the borough in crisis, and given the current situation they need help more than ever.

There are ways to donate food but the easiest and often preferred way to contribute is by giving money. Of course many people are finding it hard at the moment, but if you have a spare match fee or cash for a round at The Howl which unfortunately can’t be drunk – consider offering that up that to Hackney Food Bank for those who really do need it via this link.

Stay safe x

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