Looking after your mental health at Old Streetonians


Looking after your mental health at Old Streetonians


Member Updates

As a Club we want to help you become better rugby players and if anything happens on the pitch we have our fantastic physios to look after you – but more importantly we view each and every single person associated with the Club as part of the Old Street family and we therefore deeply care about you off the pitch as well, so we have teamed up with Mindset Sport.

Mindset Sport are an organisation who offer free wellbeing resources, covering everything from physical and mental health to D&I and LGBTQI+ awareness to financial and relationship support.

Things are always tough for everyone one way or another – and the past 12 months have proven that to be the case more than ever – which is why we’re proud to be able to offer this support to all of our members.

We fully sign up to and agree to Mindset’s club agreement outlined below. Especially the point on privacy and how raising some of these issues can be awkward. Therefore we’ve set up this Google Form where you can submit any problem you might be facing and our Mental Health First Aider will respond to you directly or point you in the direction of where you can find more help; or send an email to our dedicated Wellness address – whichever you prefer.

Charlie Cohen is our Mental Health First Aider and you can of course also reach out direct to him with any problems.

We’re also looking for more members to form a Mental Health and Wellbeing Committee at the Club. If this is of interest to you – please reach out to Charlie.

You can find the Club’s full mental health policy here.

And our Action Plan for 2021/22 here.

Many thanks to Mindset for templates which were used as a basis for both of these.

#LivingWithOnions 🏉🐷

Mindset Club Agreement

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