Club Statement on Black Lives Matter


Club Statement on Black Lives Matter


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Last week we posted a black square on social media. We now need to follow through with action.

We held a Club Committee Meeting on June 4 where we discussed how proud we are to be in Hackney, which is one of the most diverse and culturally rich parts of the United Kingdom. We chatted about our responsibility and the role we must play to ensure everyone in our community feels safe, respected, happy and equal whether they have a ball in their hands or not.

We are proud of our Club’s Code of Conduct, which aims for everyone to “receive fair and equal treatment regardless of their gender, ethnicity, religious or political beliefs, social background, sexual orientation, age and ability.”

But we can and will do more.

We do not have the answers yet, but we are listening and learning.

We would love to hear from any of our members for ideas and suggestions to move forward; and equally from anyone else who can think of ways our rugby club and our members can contribute to improve the societal issues black people unjustly face and we need to eradicate.

This is a commitment from Old Streetonians Rugby Club to help fight unfair imbalances which exist due to the colour of someone’s skin.

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